Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mistakes That New E-Commerce Sites Make

1. Wrong Design. How a business packages its e-business website would determine the kind of traffic that flows to it, markets are advised to invest in designers who will make a top of the shelf websites that represent the companies’ vision and brand properly.
2. Redundant Product Description. As a business you are at a better position to explain your brand and services and if you cannot clearly do this then chances are the buyer would be more confused. Search Engine Optimizations are made in such a way that the algorithms identify a keyword that would direct traffic related to the product or service offered, therefore, this product information should be relevant to end users’ needs.
3. No Particular Audience. A business commerce site should target a specific niche, after all businesses are set up to cover a particular gap in the market. The best way to do this is to engage your clientele on their expectation and does some research on their interests using a data comparison design. After which go ahead and come up with a model that targets that audience.
4. No Logo. Your website should represent your brand if it does not have the company logo then what’s to set it apart from a fraud site, the internet age is also faced with malicious individuals and hackers who are out to carry out theft through various malware that captures important buyer information. The logo should also be able to create a lasting impression to the clients such that once it comes up there is no doubt about which company they are dealing with.
5. Not Filling Company Description. The ‘about’ page is very necessary and it gives a detailed explanation of who you are and what you do. If this part is left out then the company does not seem like a serious organization because commerce is about brand and marketing which is done through the information shared. This is what the customers look at to know whether the brand represents their need.

6. Complicated Shopping Carts. There is always that need that businesses have for clients to buy any goods or services form the website, some customers just want to get the one product and check-out so as a business do not complicate this process it only raises red flags especially if the clients are supposed to give detailed personal information.
7. SEO Errors. Search engines if not well configured can be a hindrance to the traffic flow to your website regularly the business is supposed to be on the lookout for links to their pages that do not exist they can be expired or set to redirect customers to a different site. In some other instances there are cases where there are duplicate URL’s for the same page which creates an error, another problem might be caused by pages that cannot be reached by links to the account the website should updated and checked occasionally to take care of such issues.
8. Complicated Custom Design. The company website should be customized such that it can be accessed via most devices especially in this era where people are using the Smartphone to surf the web test the website functionality about mobile phone use. The shopping process should be as seamless as can be through a computer, from the goods and service selection to the checkout.

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